Though neither one had a biological sister, destiny had given them the next best thing. In a strange twist of fate, someone married Laura's older brother, though she would never understand why, and the rest is history.


Hello everyone! My name is Sarah. I am a full time mom to three rambunctious boys, a supportive military wife and I like to squeeze in a few shifts as a Nurse every now and then. Our life is a constant whirlwind and I love having new adventures with my family but I also enjoy some down time.

I like to spend my free time eating forbidden foods while hiding in the pantry, peeing alone, and most of all staying up late when I should be sleeping. Daily I rely on Jesus, good coffee, and great makeup.

I grew up as an only child and was so excited to have finally gotten a sister in my 20s. Inheriting Laura is one of the biggest perks to marrying my husband. I’m so excited for us to share this adventure with you!


Hi, I'm Laura! Lover of life, good books, inspirational quotes and all things chocolate. I live in Austin, Texas and I spend my days working as a project manager, my weekends as a portrait photographer, and the rest of my time binge watching all-the-things on Netflix with my husband and dogs. 

Ever since I was a child I wanted a sister. I always wanted someone who would be there 24/7 to discuss clothes, makeup and life with. I'm so fortunate to have found that in Sarah, and I'm excited you're coming along for the ride!